Friday, September 30, 2022

ShoeBox Sukkahs

 The Oak children have been creating shoebox sukkahs this week.  It took many steps and several days to complete.  

First, they painted the inside of the box with acrylic paint.

The next day, they painted the outside of the box with tempera paint sticks and we cut an entry way in the box.

Next, they strung beads on pipe cleaners to make decorations for the sukkah.

The children also colored wood people for their sukkah.

We collected sticks and built the roofs for our sukkahs.

Indiana Learning Foundations
M4.1: Understanding of spatial relationships
APL2.1: Demonstrate development of flexible thinking skills during play
APL3.1: Demonstrate development of sustained attention and persistence
CA3.2: Demonstrate creative expression through visual art production