Monday, May 10, 2021

The Turtle Project Artist Collaboration

The Ganon children and a local artist, Seth Mahern, collaborated on a large turtle art piece to decorate the outdoor classroom.  

The project began when Seth challenged the children to draw turtles for him.   

At first, a few children said that they could not remember how turtles looked.  So, the class read two fiction stories about turtles.  They also looked at some plastic toy turtles that are in our classroom.  The class discussed which details are important when making a turtle.  The group agreed that a turtle shell is the most distinguishing characteristic, followed by head and legs.  Once the children were able to visualize a turtle, then they were ready for Seth's challenge.  Each child used a black marker to draw their turtle.  Several children choose to do multiple drawings.

Next, we texted Seth photos of the turtle drawings.  He was impressed and agreed that the children had met his challenge.  He then shared that he had a special project planned for one of the turtles.  He liked all the turtles, and, although each one would work for his project,  we would need to choose only one to represent our class.

Then, our class had a discussion about how we were going to choose one turtle.  The class discussed different options for how to make the decision.  The class agreed that voting was the best way to pick the turtle.  One student was concerned that everyone would vote for their own turtle.  So, it was decided that children could not vote for their own turtle.  

The votes were tallied and a turtle was chosen.

The turtle picture was delivered to Seth and he began his part of the project.  Seth texted the class with daily updates of the project.

First, he made a copy of the drawing on a transparency.
He used a projector to project the image on the 4 X 4 piece of wood.
He then drew the turtle image on the wood.

Next, he used a saw to cut out the turtle shape.

Then, he painted the turtle.
The is color is called Western Green.

Seth shared that he likes to listen to music while he paints
 and this is the record he was listening to while painting the turtle.

After the paint was complete, he added the black lines.

Once the turtle was complete, Seth brought it to school and presented it to the class.  

The children presented Seth with a letter.

Each Ganon child signed the back of the turtle.

The turtle's new home will be in the outdoor classroom.  
We are sure it will bring smiles to the visitors to the 
space for years to come.

Indiana Learning Foundations
CA3.3: Demonstrate creative expression through art appreciation
CA3.2: Demonstrate creative expression through visual art production
CA3.1: Demonstrate creative expression through the visual art process
SE4.1: Demonstrate relationship skills

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